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Family history doesn't have to be hard work or confusing. The traditional methods of card indexes and wallpaper for charts for recording and drawing trees have been superseded. Databases specifically designed to record family based data and the records needed for research now abound.

Family trees will alter as your research progresses so packages that can re-draw them with the click of a mouse are a boon over traditional methods.


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RootsMagic Family Historian Family Tree Maker Legacy Deluxe Custodian


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RootsMagic UK Edition Version

RootsMagic has become one of the UK’s most favoured genealogy packages. This software creates superb wallcharts and integrates with research sites. It is the top rated program in numerous reviews and articles which emphasise RootsMagic's ease of use and powerful features. It beats the competition hands down (See the Genealogy Reviews website). For full details of the software see the RootsMagic Version 7 product information page.

The Platinum Edition has over £105 worth of Online Data and CDs

Various editions of RootsMagic are available. RootsMagic Platinum has proved the most popular and contains a FREE online subcription to giving access to Census, BMDs, Parish and Non Conformist Records, and much more. Plus 6 additional UK data CDs.

Visit for a demo and to learn more about the program.

RootsMagic Version 7 Platinum Edition
Family Historian 5

Family Historian 6 + Free Resources worth over £30

Family Historian is a UK program that has comprehensive features. Diagrams include Family Historian’s Unique ‘All Relatives’ Diagram. All the standard diagrams are provided, plus you can design your own, based on templates. The ‘All Relatives’ type of diagram really does allow you to view all your relatives (including in laws) in a way that’s easy to understand. Relatives of the same type (e.g. all first cousins, all second cousins, etc) end up in the same row; so you can read off how people are related, from the (optional) row labels.

Full Integration of Diagrams – they are Not Just for Printing

In Family Historian, diagrams are at the heart of the way you work. All editing can be based around diagrams, dragging the mouse above or below a person allows you to add parents or children. No UK Data CDs

Family Tree Maker 2014 + Free Resources worth over £30

Family Tree Maker has changed its interface and shows a more complex navigation screen. It has the ability to store such details as Adoption information, Medical data, Notes, Address and unlimited events.

You can conduct a search for a match on a selected field. Ancestry trial requires credit card which will be charged a repeating subscription if you don't cancel.

The new Family Tree Maker 2014 offers more enhancements, including:

  • New Family view
  • Improved TreeSync
  • New and improved charts and reports

For more information, visit our Family Tree Maker page.

Family Tree Maker 2014

Legacy 8

Legacy 8 Deluxe Edition

This program has both research and photo features and is available in a new deluxe version with manual. This edition of Legacy is everything that the Standard Edition is and much, much more. Dozens of additional new features have been added. It has date orientated views and reports, location notes, event report, embedded text formatting, customisable toolbar, global spell checking and user-defined Internet searches. In this version it has a new Picture Center that makes the assignment of pictures to individuals easier and quicker than ever. No UK Data CDs

Custodian 4

Genealogy Database for BMD, Parish, Census or other records.

A powerful tool to aid research. This custom designed genealogy database will take all your data and allow specific databases for each type of record with a Master Index. The powerful analysis tool for family historians. Includes Cuszip to backup your data in a compressed format. This new version has been completely re-written from scratch and contains many new features like a name & place index, charts, import/export wizards, new data forms, an advanced SQL feature, built in help files and more...


RootsMagic UK Edition is easy to learn and use with powerful charting capabilities. The UK editions include a UK spellcheck and free technical support. It has context sensitive help within the program and comes with the option of a book “Making the most out of Roots Magic”. It suits both the beginner and experts coping with large projects such as One Name Studies or those just gathering a simple family tree. For those that require it, it has a full source recording and citation system to suit the most studious researcher.

Family Historian is the only one of the four programs with a UK author and is a comprehensive program suited to an experienced genealogist. This package comes with a small booklet with manuals and help on the CD and within the program.

Legacy is both easy to use and comprehensive recording features.

Custodian will analyse, index, and back-up your data.

Family Tree Maker has changed interfaces from previous incarnations. It is now forms an integral package with research based on the Ancestry website. Credit card details required for use of subscriptions.

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