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Yorkshire, Hull 1892 Street Directory


Stepping Stones publication.

This CD contains scanned images of the Street section of the the 1892 Hull Directory. Hundreds of names & addresses in the following sections:- Hull Street Directory, 156 pages, listed alphabetically by street name and showing the names and occupations of the principal inhabitants. Includes 13 page separate list of smaller streets not listed in the main section, showing their situations. 15 pages of local information, including list of Councillors & Magistrates for the county, public offices, churches & institutions, etc. The images are in black & white BMP (bitmap) format, compatible with nearly all computers, PC/Mac/Linux and many older systems (Atari/Amiga/etc.) too. You can open them in just about any picture viewing or editing software for browsing/printing as required.

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Yorkshire, Hull 1892 Street Directory

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